RCRA has a long-standing Organizational Performance Management and Quality Improvement Program in place. At the governance level we have a strategic plan with clearly identified process and outcome targets and performance measures as well as a balanced scorecard against which we report performance on a monthly basis. At the operational level, we collect, analyze and report
information routinely in order to improve our own services and programs and to support planning and service delivery and coordination at the local and system level with our service partners. As a researched- based organization, RCRA is skilled in the use of information, data collection, analysis and reporting. We use numerous data bases (KoboCollect, DHIS2) to collect client demographic, utilization and case management data. In addition, we carry out an annual client satisfaction survey and conduct regular chart reviews and audits to monitor and promote consistent evidence-based practice.

In terms of program/project evaluation we are highly experienced and skilled in the areas of project planning, project management and in the use of diverse information collection methodologies.

All of our programs follow a rigorous program development approach which includes developing and/ or identifying: Program logic model; Targets (outcomes and developmental); Indicators (measures); Data sources; Data collection tools (e.g focus groups, interviews, survey, chart audit, etc); Schedule for data collection. As a result of this approach, we can support the reporting of successful program outcomes with evidence and carry out mid-course corrections to programs or projects if monitoring reveals that targets are not being met.

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RCRA Uganda response to the challenges of marginalised communities in Uganda is firmly based on a belief that people themselves are the agents of change and actors of their own development.