Rwenzori Center for Research and Advocacy Uganda

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The strengths of RCRA

An integrated approach: Implements health programs in HIV/AIDS and TB at local level in collaboration with health authorities by facilitating at risk groups to access services and adopt healthier lifestyles.

A strong value base: The organization is founded on core values including respect for the people they work with, integrity of trust and accountability, and non-discrimination.

Strong community links: Develops bottom-up responses by a committed and trained cadre of community-based workers, strong case management and facilitation of self-help strategies.

Evidence based/research capacity: Results focused on providing research evidence to improve effectiveness in health care delivery systems and community education and empowerment.

Professional team: Has a balanced team with professional, management and applied social support skills which ensures quality and reliable services. Good linkages between field and office-based staff. Is committed to upskilling and ongoing learning.

Innovation and potential to scale up: Seeks new ways to deliver services through use of technology and through empowering individuals and groups to be change agents.

Sustainability: Adopts cost-effective methods and seeks to draw in resources through strong national and international links (academic, industry, government, NGOs etc) including its special Consultative Status with the UN.